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the leading cause of death of cats and dogs is overpopulation....spay and neuter .

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cookie is a courtesy listing, please contact her foster mom  Bev directly at Birthdate: April 2015 Cookie was one of two homeless kitties rescued by a homeless more about Cookie
  Mr. Wiggles
Birthdate: April  2017 . Mr Wiggles is a loverboy.  he craves human contact.  is a big kisser and a licker!   eye contact is all it takes to get him running to you for some more about Mr. Wiggles
Due to COVID-19 we are currently modifying our adoption process in order to safeguard exposure to the virus, all our cats are in foster homes. Complete and Submit the Adoption Application more about Molly
Ollie Is a courtesy listing, please contact Bev his foster mom Birthdate: April 2017 Ollie is a silly, very active boy.  he plays hard but craves his more about Ollie
Beyoncé is a courtesy listing, please contact Bev at Birthdate: July 2017 Beyonce is a a lover.  as a kitten she would "sing" out her meows for more about Beyonce