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the leading cause of death of cats and dogs is overpopulation....spay and neuter .

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Birthdate: July 2018 Zara is a pretty calico whose life started out a bit tough. Who knows what her life was like before Adopt A Stray, but when we got her she had SEVEN babies. Seven kittens is a more about Zara
Birthdate:  March 2017 Nugget  is all snuggles and sweet, she loves attention and will work for it. Playing is also one of her favorite pastimes, socializing in catching feathers more about Nugget
Birthdate: October 2017 Jolie is an adorable thick- haired dark tabby, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. She was not very socialized when we got her, but everyday she has remarkable improvements. more about Jolie
Birthdate January 2010.  The cutest little three-week old calico kitten was found without littermates and without a mother. Unfortunately this is not a story about an adorable kitten finding her more about Chiclet
Birthdate: April 2014 Jack and Jill are brother and sister who are very bonded and very adorable. They have taken care of each other and looked out for each other for their entire short life. more about Jack