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Rescue Stray and Abandoned Animals

Adopt A Stray works with animals that have been abandoned to the streets of south Florida. We provide medical care for those that are sick, socialization for those that are fearful of human contact and a safe haven for all until we can find a permanent home for them.

We do not take owner-surrender cats because as a home based no kill rescue organization the number of cats we can care for depends directly upon how many adoptions we have. In the spring and fall "kitten seasons", we are full of kittens as well as their homeless mothers. During these times, we as well as virtually every other rescue group is bombarded with calls  from people who have a litter of kittens that they "need to find homes for" while the rest of the year is spent trying to find homes for the cats that didn't get adopted during the last kitten season.






We always have animals that are in need of new, loving and forever homes.  Our animals are fostered in our own homes, so our caregivers can give you keen insight into the animal you choose.  Our caregivers can tell you about the personality of the animal you choose and even tell you what kind of  food, toys, and environment will help make your new animal feel right at home.


We think you will agree that dollar for dollar, shelter/rescue pets will always be the best value for your money.  We want you to have a long, loving and rewarding relationship with your animal.  We'll be there to help you select an animal for your home and to help your new family member adjust to your life together.


Our animals have been saved from the streets or high kill shelters.  By adopting one or more of them into your home, you make space available for Adopt A Stray to take in more cats and save their lives.

   For an adoption fee of $75, you take home a cat that has received the very best medical care and evaluation.  Every cat that leaves Adopt A Stray has been

• Tested for Feline AIDs
• Tested for Feline Leukemia
• Rabies Vaccination (if age appropriate)
• FVRCP Shots
• Checked and treated for earmites (if found)
• Checked and treated for fleas with Advantage
• Spayed or Neutered


For an adoption fee of $150-250, you take home a dog that has received the very best medical care and evaluation.  Every dog that leaves Adopt A Stray has been


• Tested for Heartworms/Heartworm prevention
• Annual or puppy vacines
• Rabies Vaccination (if age appropriate)
• Checked and treated for fleas with Frontline
• Spayed or Neutered




Rescue from Animal Hoarders


Adopt A Stray has been involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of many cats from hoarding situations.   Adopt A Stray removes the animals from the hoarding conditions, provides, medical care, socialization and loving homes for the rescued animals.


For most people, the term "animal hoarding" conjures up images of an eccentric "cat lady." Despite the stereotype, animal hoarding has serious repercussions for the animals involved.  Hoarding is defined as having more animals than you can provide nutrition, sanitation, shelter, and veterinary care for.  It also generally includes the denial of the inability to provide this care and the resulting starvation, illness and death of the animals.


In one typical hoarder's home in Caroline County Maryland, animal control found more than 300 cats, including more than 70 felines in various forms of decomposition and equally as many cats in need of immediate medical attention.  If the smell of animal death weren't enough, volunteers also encountered surfaces covered with inches of waste and garbage.


Animal hoarding is physical, medical and physiological animal neglect in the extreme.  The unsanitary living conditions  and lack of veterinary treatment and social interaction for animals all add up to serious neglect. The animals involved often endure a variety of ailments, such as malnutrition, parasitic infestation, infection, and disease. The amount of suffering in a hoarder case is more widespread and of a longer duration than most animal cruelty cases.






Feral Cat Care and TNR (Trap Neuter Return)

Feral cats are the 'wild' offspring of domestic cats and are primarily the result of pet owners' abandonment or failure to spay and neuter their animals, allowing them to breed uncontrolled. Feral cat 'colonies' can be found behind shopping areas or businesses, in alleys, parks, abandoned buildings, and rural areas. Feral cats are elusive and do not trust humans.

Studies have proven that trap-neuter-release is the single most successful method of stabilizing and maintaining healthy feral cat colonies with the least possible cost to local governments and residents, while providing the best life for the animals themselves.  


Adopt A Stray has taken responsibility for many feral cat colonies in the South Broward area of Florida.  All cats in the colony are trapped, neutered and returned to their territory where volunteers provide them with regular food and shelter.  Young kittens who can still be socialized as well as friendly adults are placed in foster care and eventually adopted out to good homes.