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 As a "no-kill" animal rescue group, sometimes we get left holding the bag-or the cat as it happens! Adopt A Stray has many cats that may not find a family who wants to adopt them. Some have medical issues, others have aggression towards humans or other animals while some are too shy or were just never cute enough to be adopted. These animals have nothing to worry about because we will care for them for the rest of their lives.  You can help care for these animals with a sponsorship donation.  Your name will appear under the animal you sponsor.




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 This adorable little gray tuxedo kitten named herself.  Jumper was rescued from a colony In Hollywood at about four weeks old. The litter was kept in a very large cage in the middle of the foster mom's home so they would be social and get a lot of attention. Jumper demanded attention because every time her foster mom opened up the cage, Jumper jumped onto  her foster mom's shoulder. 



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Nothing but Kitty CATS - Bryon


 Chives is a sweet playful and loving kitten. She was rescued from a feral colony in Hollywood where AAS has been spaying and neutering. She was given the name Chives due to her longer wisps of white fur over the grey, very unusual. Like her litter mates  Chives is a very social kitten that loves to play with other kittens and loves to get `and give love.


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Nothing but Kitty CATS - Bryon


 Mario is a typical kitten in that he loves to play, with his kitten friends, interactive toys and his foster mom.   Mario has a very laid back side as well. He is one of those babies who stops what he is doing and looks at you as to say, "it's my turn" " I need the one on one love".  And he does. This black statuesque baby will fit into most household, he gets along well with everyone and is sweeter than you can imagine.  He is worth meeting.


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Nothing but Kitty CATS - Bryon


 Adopt A Stray got a frantic call from a woman during a rain storm, she believed kittens had fallen through her wall. A hole was cut in the wall and three adorable but scrawny 2 week old kittens were in there. Julio now lives with Mario and they are the best of friends.  Julio is outgoing and Mario a bit laid back....a perfect pair.  Both adore people and want to be with you at the computer or while watching tv or playing interactive toys.


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Nothing but Kitty CATS - Bryon


Dae like her litter mates are normal loving, playful kittens but they look for additional attention and love to be held and nurtured. Dae can be held on her back and given belly kisses. She also gives kisses to your mouth but is not certain how to do it without her teeth. It's very cute! 


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Stella was rescued from a Chuckie Cheese restaurant. She was 5 weeks old, starving and feral. The first bite of food offered to her was inhaled and not eaten. Her right eye was bubbled and one of her ears was packed with sand. Later one of the vets thought that she had been buried. Stella was in bad shape. Her eye was ruptured and she saw an Optometrist in south Miami weekly for specialized treatment for months. The problem was Stella never really recovered from her ordeal and did not like many people and she wasn't nice to other cats. Well that is why Stella is in permanent foster care.
Likes: To bite my foster mom, to bite any cat that gets near my foster mom, to clear the bed that my foster mom sleeps in by attacking the other cats,
to give kisses to my foster mom every morning when the alarm goes off
Dislikes: The cats my foster mom has in her house, except for Molly, cats on the bed, cats in the house,
when my foster mom gets out of bed in the morning

Molly McFadden

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Molly McFadden was rescued in Miami when she was found under a portable at an elementary school. She was adopted soon after with a cat called Angel. Both were returned after a year, the reason "they had no personality". Well Ms. Molly McFadden is described by her foster mom as the "nicest cat I ever met". Molly is gracious when new kitties come in, she gets along with everyone including the difficult Stella, she loves to give kisses and is all around sweet and cuddly.
Likes: My regular meals, my foster moms bed and cuddling, my brothers and sisters, having a roof over my head
Dislikes: I cant think of anything


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Chipi was rescued twice, first when he was abandoned with 26 other cats over 10 years ago and the second time after he was adopted and returned 4 years later with his brother. His brother Mr. Weatherbee (who died several years ago) returned to the Petsmart store where they were put up for adoption. Mr. Weatherbee became ill and went into foster care and Chipi became ill from loneliness so he joined his brother. Chipi remains in the same foster home with his new brothers and sisters.
Likes: My harem of girl cats, grooming my harem, stretching out in bed, talking out loud for everyone to hear me
Dislikes: Strange people, bully cats


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Brooke was trapped at about 10 weeks old and was feral, but it was thought that this Siamese might have a chance of being tamed if she got adopted young. The problem was she tested positive for FIV and Adopt A Stray continued to test her as most kittens convert to being negative by 6 months. She never converted, either for the FIV or to be tamed. That is why this beauty is in permanent foster care.
Cuddling with my roommates, Crinkle, Bean and Cleopatra, eating treats
People I don't know


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Kennedy was found under Kennedy Hall at St. Thomas University after having been accidentally trapped there for several weeks after some construction work.  He's a very sweet and quirky cat with some behavioral issues - when under stress he will lick areas on his body until he bleeds.  He is happy now and making progress all the time - he now asks for attention by tapping me on the face or arm, instead of just staring at me hoping I'll read his mind.  
Likes:  Food, being scratched right on top of his head, food, playing with the turbo scratcher, and wet food.
Dislikes:  Being held, the cat carrier, and closed doors. 



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Gypsy is a gorgeous white and tabby princess. She once lived at Petsmart, but the volunteers kept on getting slapped when they tried to get her off her high throne and put her in her cage. Gypsy did not care that she hurt them each time they tried to get her...she did not want to be put away. The volunteers would have to tip the condo to finally get her down. It got to the point where it was just too difficult. So the solution was move the condo to a foster home and Gypsy will follow. That was 5 years ago and it took 4 years for her to turn around to the affectionate cat she has become.

Likes: Food, huge head butts, cubby holes and my foster mom

Dislikes: most humans and new cats


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Nikko spent over a year in the Petsmart Adoption Center, but consistently hid from potential adopters and cowered when someone tried to pet them. No activity and emotional eating led to a very obese cats.  Nikko also had a sinus problem which caused congestion and runny eyes.  He moved into a foster home and after several years he is a very affectionate cat with his foster mom.  A little trial and error with various medication regimens, his congestion is better and his eyes are clear.  He recently lost his brother Bonito and misses sleeping with him.

Likes:  mealtime,  having his tummy rubbed, playing with his brother, being kissed on the head, other cats.
Dislikes:  people he doesn't know, taking pills 

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 Crinkle was in bad shape at an animal hoarder’s home. He was neglected and in very poor health. In return for his rescue, this grateful cat has become our kitten tamer.
Crinkle believes it is his job is to nurture and socialize rambunctious, out of control kittens. He gently pins them and grooms them repeatedly until they become loving adoptable cats. The minute Crinkle sees or hears a new kitten he is immediately on the alert to do his job. He has become a vital AAS volunteer.

Likes:  Anyone who will pet him, having his head scratched.

Dislikes: People who make fun of his ear.


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Dorian, a gorgeous black cat with big gold eyes was living at the Pembroke Pines Petsmart waiting to be adopted when he progressively became less and less active until he hardly moved from his bed.  A visit to the vet found that he had a problem with his spine.  Some intense medical care and acupuncture has reduced his pain and he his currently leading a normal cat life in his foster home.

Likes: one on one time with my foster mom.   

Dislikes: new fosters that come into my foster home


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