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If you cannot offer an animal a permanent home, consider fostering. Fostering takes up a small space in your house but fills a huge space in your heart! Consider providing a temporary home for newly found strays, animals recovering from surgery, or animals that are scared and need someone to show them they are safe.


Foster parents are a key element in the success of our adoptions. Fosters live in your home and integrate with your existing family. Learning as much as possible about each animal, helps us determine what animal might be best suited for an adopter's lifestyle and situation.


Foster Responsibilities:

  • Provide safe clean warm indoor housing


  • Provide a separate space for the animal until they can be fully integrated into the home.


  • Provide clean bedding, blankets, toys, water and food bowls, litterbox, etc.


  • Provide high quality food (considered a donation, keep receipts for tax purposes)


  • Be responsible for honoring scheduled appointments for vaccinations or other medical care.


  • Keep records of all vaccinations and other medical care.
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  • Provide transportation to and from adoption events 
  • Be willing and able to spend time each day playing with and socializing the animal