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The cutest little three-week old calico kitten was found without littermates and without a mother. Unfortunately this is not a story about an adorable kitten finding her forever home.  Although affectionate and friendly in her foster home, Chiclet was misearable when she was put on display in a cage for Petsmart adoption events.  On top of that, Chiclet has a kitty form of alopecia (hair loss) that displays itself when Chiclet is under extreme stress.  Therefore, Chiclet stayed in her foster home as the other kitties went to get adopted. 

Six years later someone was interested in giving Chiclet a home.  Unfortunately she was let outside and disappeared for six weeks.  When Chiclet was finally found, she was emaciated and could barely walk.   She could not lift her head, walk, eat or even eliminate at all.  And of course, much of her fur was missing.  Adopt A Stray rushed her to the vet where she received 24/7 emergency care for two weeks. Except for some anemia Chiclet’s blood tests were miraculously negative and in her foster home she slowly but surely developed a great appetite, started to gain weight and carry on normal activities.  However, due to her inability to get food and the resulting starvation, she has some minor neurological damage which puts  slight “dance in her step”. 

Currently Chiclet is doing fantastic! Her alopecia appears to be gone. Feeling safe in a stable environment, getting love and attention made a huge difference. She is now extremely affectionate and gives head butts that really make you feel special. We are amazed how she has changed. Now she just needs her permanent home!

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