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In honor of..........

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Got this bundle of love from Adopt a Stray in 2008.
Still acts like a kitten!

In celebration and memory of my good friend, Jacob.


Larry Ordet


A special thank you to Aaron Dribin who's ongoing
generosity helps the homeless and
abandoned animals of Adopt A Stray.


Thank you Aaron

Thanks everyone at Adopt A Stray for giving me the loves of my life 9 years ago. I wanted to say hi and show off my Winston and Basil. I came for one, left with two and never looked back. Best decision I've ever made!!!


Also, thanks for making me aware of all the help and support stray animals need from us. I'm never buying a pet again and when the subject comes up, I try to persuade others to do the same.


 Thanks again for all the awesome work you do for these amazing little creatures :)              Isabella

In celebration of Dr. Susan Sawyer, who is an amazing veterinarian specializing in dermatology, for her dedication and for her care of our cat Tyler.

Thank you!

Regina and Michael

Dale and Scott

Congratulations on your marriage.

We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.






Happy Birthday, Xiomara

A donation was made in celebration of your big 40th. 



Happy Birthday Jan!!!


In celebration of Franky Hasick for finishing
his course of Chemotherapy.



Aunt Jan Cafferty XXX

In celebration of our Aunt Pam,

who is a hero to us and the cats she fosters. 

from Your Nephew and Niece

(pictured left, Charlie, Sadie and Sophie).

In celebration of Rocky & Zoey!


The love you bring into our lives is un-measureable. Thank you for being part of our lives. We love you both very much and promise to play ball with you (Rocky) every day and give you (Zoey) lots and lots of cooookies". J & K.


In celebration of Pam and the cats she fosters.
(pictured is Chance)


from your niece Jennifer


In celebration of Pam,
who loves all the animals of Adopt A Stray,
especially her
long term fosters.
(pictured are brothers Nikko and Bonito)


from your nephew Rob


In celebration of Franky, Dave, Kate & Humphrey - Australian Shepards who are either deaf  or blind or both.  (25% of all merle Aussies bred together  are deaf or blind - breeders generally euthanize them).  Thanks to Sandra and Mike who adopted all four and to Oliver (look behind the 4 Aussies), who willing shares his food, sleeping arrangements, attention and walks with his 4 siblings.  For more information about Aussie adoptions in Florida visit

In celebration of the newest Adopt A Stray Volunteer, Liam Thomas.

Congratulations Colleen and Collin


In celebration of Kaede, my new 4 year old puppy who joined our household in October 2008. Let me tell you about my puppy...she smiles and shows those white teeth, she wags her tail and knocks down anything in her path, including her feline siblings and jumps on her canine sister making her do splits. That is my puppy Kaede! The Goldman Family


In celebration of Charlie who in appreciation
 for his own rescue, spends his days loving and
entertaining the residents of a nursing home.


Way to go, Charlie! 



 In honor of Katherine (Tat) Trainer 
and the cats she loves.


 Happy 85th Birthday!

from your niece Kay