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cat application

Thank you for considering adopting a cat or kitten from Adopt A Stray. The following information is requested, so we can assist in helping you make  the best choice for your family and for the cat you are considering for adoption. Our goal is to place cats in loving homes with people who will make a lifelong commitment to them and accept them as a member of their family. 


The adoption fee (to help defer our expenses) $75.00 (CASH only).  This includes spay/neuter,  FIV/FeLv testing, vaccinations, rabies (age permitting), de-worming and de-fleaing.


If your application is under consideration you will hear from an Adopt A Stray representative within 48 hours.  If you do not hear from an Adopt A Stray representative within 48 hours your application was not approved.   Adopt A Stray reserves the right to keep confidential and not disclose the reason the application was not approved.  We appreciate you understanding our policy.

You must be 21 years old to apply.

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Name of the cat you are interested in adopting (if you have one picked out): 

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  1. How did you hear of Adopt A Stray? 
  2. Do you live in a:    Condo     Townhome    Apartment    Mobile Home    House   Duplex     Boat
  3. Do you   Rent     Own     Other       
  4. How long have you lived at this address?
  5. If you rent is your lease  Yearly     Month to Month     Weekly
    Name and number of Landlord/Owner:
    Landlord Approval:  Yes     No     Not Sure        
    Landlord Restrictions:
  6. Name of Complex/Association 
  7. How many adults reside in the house?
  8. Are there children in you home?  Yes     No    If yes, what are their ages
  9. What type of pet(s) are you looking for?  Cat     Kitten     Dog      Puppy
  10. Have you ever turned an animal in to an animal shelter before?  Yes     No
    If yes, reason?
  11. Does it matter if the pet is housebroken?  Yes     No
  12. Would there be anyone home during the day?  Yes     No 
    If yes, who
  13. Has anyone in the household ever had an allergy to animal hair?  Yes     No
  14. How many pets have you had in the last 5 years? 
    If you no longer have pets, what is the reason?
    What brand of food did you feed the pet(s) you previously owned?
  15. How many dogs are currently in your home?    
    Age:   Pets Name:  
    Are they spayed or neutered  Yes  No        If no, reason:
    Are they  indoors    outdoors   both
    Are they up-to-date on all their vaccines?  Yes     No     Unsure
    What brand of food are you presently feeding? 
  16. How many cats are currently in your home? 
    Breed/Sex    Age(s)     Pet(s) Name   
    Are they spayed/neutered?  Yes     No       If no, reason
    Are they up-to-date on all their vaccines? Yes     No     Unsure
    Have they been feline leukemia tested?  Yes     No    Unsure   If yes, result. 
    If yes, year?
    Have they been feline AIDS tested ?  Yes     No    Unsure    If yes, result 
    If yes, year? 
    Are they declawed?   Yes      No       Reason?
    Does your cat(s) live   indoors     outdoors        both
    What brand of food are you presently feeding?  
  17. Would your new cat be living  indoors    outdoors     both
  18. Would your new cat be declawed?  Yes     No       Reason? 
  19. Where will your new cat sleep?   
  20. Is there a patio, balcony or porch?  Yes     No
    If yes, is it screened?   Yes     No
    Will your new cat go on the patio, balcony or porch?  Yes    No
  21. Have you had to deal with Florida's flea problem?  Yes     No
    What do you plan to do to control fleas and ticks? 
  22. What is your Veterinarian's name?        Phone # 
    Clinic Name
  23. Why do you want to adopt a pet? 
  24. I, , agree that all information is correct as submitted